Employment Law

The department handles all aspects of collective and individual employment law. Its extensive experience in employment law is built on in-depth knowledge, creativity, and a solid understanding of employment relations. Its services include representation of employers in the various employment courts (in civil and criminal cases), the provision of ongoing advice to employers, including the implementation of work procedures and methodologies in accordance with employment law, advising on major employer milestones (mergers and acquisitions, privatization, due diligence, extensive layoffs, etc.), representation vis-à-vis the authorities (including the Commissioner for Women’s Employment, the Department of Labor Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of the Interior), drafting of collective bargaining agreements and managing negotiations with labor unions, drafting of legal documents (including employment contracts, termination of employment documents, procedures, employment matters for prospectuses, periodic reports.] and more), handling of foreign worker issues (including vis-à-vis the Ministry of the Interior), etc. The department also specializes in employee rights in insolvency proceedings and visas for foreign workers, and has extensive experience in representing international companies and collaborating with foreign law firms with regard to the employment of workers overseas.