Real Estate and Finance

The department provides end-to-end legal services for real estate, including property purchase, sale and lease transactions; support of developer and contractor projects, drafting of combination transactions; handling of urban renewal, redevelopment and TAMA 38 projects; guidance of purchase groups and construction associations; support of contractors in zoning and licensing proceedings; handling of objections in planning committees, and related administrative petitions; dealing with construction and zoning violations, co-ownership dissolutions, and more. In terms of finance, the department advises its clients, including banks, insurance companies, corporations, investors and other financial institutions on all the legal aspects of banking activity and financial services, legal support in complex financial transactions (including syndication transactions), borrowers’ and lenders’ financing transactions for complex and large-scale projects, planning and creating relevant collateral/security, and advises banks and financial institutions on regulatory issues. A key specialty is the rendering of “true sale” opinions in the sale of financial assets.