The Tax Department

Lipa Meir & Co. has one of the most preeminent tax departments in Israel, headed by Adv. Yossi Elisha, CPA. Having accumulated years of tax experience, published various professional articles and advised prominent financial entities, Adv. Elisha is considered one of the top tax experts nationwide. His services are not limited to tax advice alone, but include timely advice and representation throughout tax related litigation cases. 
The Tax Department at Lipa Meir & Co. offers wide span of tax services pertaining to civil, corporate and commercial matters, and that often contain international aspects. The department represents Israeli clients in domestic and international activities, as well as foreign clients operating in Israel. The department provides tax services of the highest professional standards, tailored for both domestic and international clients.
Lipa Meir & Co. routinely advises most of the Israeli banks in tax matters pertaining to insolvencies.
Lipa Meir & Co.'s tax department in particularly known for:
  • Developing tax-efficient structures for corporate and project finance transactions, as well as new capital market instruments and products;
  • Meeting commercial objectives in the most tax-efficient manner through the firm's familiarity and understanding of international taxation;
  • Providing strategic tax advice and constructive and innovative solutions to all tax problems.
The hands-on proficiency of the firm's tax attorneys is coupled with an impressive academic expertise, as most of them hold additional degrees in relevant subjects, a unique advantage when dealing with complex tax disputes.
The firm's Tax Department specializes, inter alia, in tax planning, obtaining pre-rulings, representation in front of the tax authorities, tax litigation, international taxation, and tax matters related to mergers and acquisitions and real estate transactions. In addition, the Tax Department has considerable experience in tax matters pertaining to urban renewal transactions, with a special emphasis on vacate & build and National Outline Plan 38 (Tama 38) projects.

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