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Cooperative Societies & Settlements (Kibbutz Sector)

Lipa Meir & Co. has a multiyear specialization in all matters pertaining to rural life, agriculture and cooperatives law. The firm serves all players in this unique sector, be they associations, municipalities or commercial entities, on all levels (national, regional and individual). This breadth of Kibbutz clients is unique to Lipa Meir & Co., existing in few if any other Israeli law firms.
The firm's expertise in these fields extends to varied spheres, including organizational law, managerial aspects, commercial and administrative law, and includes representation before all relevant authorities and administrative courts.
The firm is able to provide its clients with trusted advice based on decades of legal experience, far beyond that obtainable by other standard legal departments. It is considered the unchallenged leader of this field in Israel, boasting a well established reputation throughout the market. Consequently, the firm is acknowledged by D&B and BDI, which repeatedly rank it as a top tier firm in this field. 

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