Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Corporate & Securities Litigation

Lipa Meir & Co. specializes in intricate corporate & securities matters, having mastered all legal and business aspects of this discipline through years of hands-on legal work. The firm serves an extremely diversified clientele comprising companies, senior executives and shareholders.

Corporate & securities matters and proceedings handled by the firm include class actions and derivative actions, shareholder disputes and minority shareholders' discrimination claims, disputes relating to hedge funds and venture capital funds, disputes relating to investment consulting, joint investment in trust law, investment agreements, debenture holders claims, representation of debenture holders, companies and debenture trustees and disputes relating to an array of agreements, including domestic and international investment agreements and strategic collaboration agreements.

In addition, the firm's attorneys are involved in proceedings that require court approval, including distribution proceedings, merger and acquisition proceedings, acquisition of shares and debt restructuring, among others, through clauses 350 and 351 of the Companies Law.

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