The labor law department provides its clients with a full range of services in all respects relating to labor law and labor relations in the workplace and during the years gained a reputation for being among the leading labor law departments in Israel. As detailed below, the department has unique expertise that derives from the vast experience of its lawyers and the nature of the firm’s activity generally.
The department has a wide range of clients, encompassing, amongst others, public companies, international corporations, leading private local companies and public authorities. The department’s clients operate in a variety of different spheres, including marketing and trade, industry, defense, health, telecommunications, vehicles, wine production, energy, high-tech, start-ups, finance, kibbutz industries and more. The department’s clients include the National Labor Federation, Mekorot the Israel National Water Company, Clalit Health Services, Carmel Mizrahi Wines, the Raval group, the Tadir Gan group, Ginegar Plastic Products, Israel Weapon Industries, Meprolight, Camero-Tech, Israel Shipyards and Israel Shipyards Port, Telrad, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Bagir, BATM Advanced Communications, WebPick, Leas4u (Pacific Vehicle & Transportation), Afimilk, Shekel Scales and more.
The labor law department has expanded in recent years outstandingly and it is now one of the three largest departments in the market amongst the commercial firms.
The department is headed by Adv. Shabtai Michaeli, who has many years of experience representing and consulting public, semi- public and international employers, as well as employee unions and large and low scale corporations. Adv. Michaeli has been involved in the setting of numerous precedents that have fashioned Israeli labor law, such as Bibiring v. El Al, which laid down rules with regard to employee class actions in the workplace; Issakov v. Panaia et al., in which clear legal criteria were prescribed with regard to employers’ monitoring their employees’ email; Bashir Koka v. Yossi Schwartz, which concerned the severance pay of Palestinian employees who were dismissed due to the Israeli disengagement from Gaza; The National Union v. Head of labor Relations, which firs determined the authorities of the Head of labor Relations in respect to registration of collective agreements and its output, and more.
The expertise of the department’s lawyers extends over numerous areas of labor law, including collective negotiations and agreements, civil and criminal representation in the labor courts, routine counselling – the assimilation of procedures and working methods, representation before the authorities, editing documents, mergers and acquisitions, the conduct of negotiations between employers and employees and also unique expertise on Israeli law relating to foreign workers, including dealing with Israeli work permits for foreign specialists and defense companies.
By virtue of Lipa Meir’s specialties, the firm’s labor law department naturally has extensive experience in the representation of unions and employees as regards the various different labor law aspects involved in corporate suspensions of proceedings, recoveries and insolvency. The department assists its large clients to promote legislation in this sphere and its members are highly experienced in representing and counselling companies and officers in suspensions of proceedings, recoveries and insolvency, having acted in some of the largest and most highly publicized cases in recent years, including Hadassah Hospital, Mega, Nortel, Scilex, Channel 10, Tnuva Export, Cementcal and others.
The representation of clients on labor law internationally – America, Europe and Asia – the department has extensive experience in acting for foreign employees in Israel as well as Israeli clients concerning employment of employees in various American, European and Asian countries, including USA, China, Vietnam, Germany, Canada, France, The Great Britain, Luxemburg and more. The department provides its clients with complete holistic counselling and representation in setting up operations internationally by means of its connections with overseas firms and its knowledge not only of Israeli law but also of other countries’ law relating to the employment of Israelis abroad.
The labor law department operates in close collaboration with the firm’s other departments in order to provide its clients with complete, overall counselling, analyzing all the relevant issues that affect labor relations, such as the taxation of employees and options, intellectual property, the commercial realm and more.
Labour Relations, Contracts of Employment and Labour Law Issues in Commercial Contracts
The firm’s labor law department has extensive experience in all aspects of individual labor law. In that connection, the members of the department act for clients in the arrangement of various different contracts of employment, including the most complex ones for specific situations.
We are retained by numerous employers for routine counselling and also act in a variety of different transactions, like mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. We also conduct due diligence examinations and provide legal appraisals of risk. The department regularly updates its clients on the frequent changes that occur in labor law (legislation and court rulings) and helps them incorporate the changes in ways that are suited to their particular needs.
Employee Rights and the Remuneration of Senior Officers
The department’s lawyers are expert in all aspects of the relationship with senior employees and corporate officers, in the scope of contracts of employment or contracts for the provision of services and consultancy. The department acts for the client in the whole process from the stage of negotiations until execution of the relevant agreement. Similarly, the department also acts for its clients in proceedings relating to the termination of the relationship with senior employees and corporate officers. In addition, the department also specializes in the various different methods of remunerating senior employees, including the preparation of bonus and incentive plans for executives, options and phantom stock options.
Litigation – Civil and Criminal
The department’s lawyers have extensive experience in the representation of employers and senior employees in the different Labor Courts (the Regional Labor Courts and the National Labor Court) and the Supreme Court on various issues relating to labor law. The department is also highly experienced in alternative proceedings, like mediation, arbitration, conciliation etc.
The department also has a great deal of experience acting for employers and senior employees before various government agencies like the Commissioner under the Employment of Women Law, the Wage Commissioner, the Ministry of Defense Employment Bureau, the Ministry of the Economy’s enforcement departments and also its units that deal with the grant of permits etc.
Collective Agreements
The labor law department has many years’ experience acting for employers in collective labor relations, including the conduct of collective negotiations with employers and employee committees in the workplace and the drafting of collective agreements, inter alia, employees’ unionization breaks out. The labor law department has vast experience with representation of employees’ organization in collective negotiations.