Complying with competition regulations and overcoming potential objections from the Israel Antitrust Authority are among the priorities for corporate clients as they look to close their transactions.  Lipa Meir & Co.’s Antitrust & Competition Department combines indepth   antitrust and competition knowledge with a distinguished track record, allowing out clients to obtain regulatory approval and steer commercial’ transactions to a successful conclusion.

Headed by Dr. Yariv Ilan, our Antitrust & Competition Department comprises skilful  attorneys, whose academic backgrounds, domestic and international expertise constitute an outstanding team of key players, covering a diverse range of sectors, including retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, kibbutzim (communal farms), manufacturing, to name a few.

Our  clients benefit from our extensive experience before the Antitrust Authority, Antitrust Tribunal and the Courts, and obtain  legal advice on all aspects of competition law, including:

♦ restraints of trade;

♦ monopolization claims (abuse of dominant position);

♦ pricing practices;

♦ mergers and strategic alliances;

♦ performing due diligence processes;

♦ drafting internal compliance programs, tailoring and implementing them in large-scale corporations; and

♦ Adjacent legislation, such as, inter alia, the law for Enhancement of Competition in the Food Sector.

Our abundant experience is complimented by  seamless collaboration with other departments in the Office, to ensure that clients receive immediate response to the most cutting edge competition law problems as they drive their businesses forward.

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