The Environmental Protection, Clean Tech and Renewable Energy Department provides legal advice pertaining to environmental law, environmental risk management and environmental regulation. In addition, the department represents its clients in legal and administrative proceedings, as well as transactions, relating to a wide range of environmental, clean tech and renewable energy matters.
The department offers, inter alia, the following services:
· Environmental regulation: The department is widely experienced and highly knowledgeable in handling cutting edge environmental regulation matters (pertaining to, inter alia, air, water, sewage, sea, land, hazardous materials, radiation, noise, smell, waste and recycling, climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency). This broad expertise is well demonstrated by the firm’s multi-year record of active participation in legislation proceedings held by the relevant regulatory authorities, government ministries and parliament committees, with the firm contributing to the adoption of numerous new environmental standards. The department provides both ongoing and ad hoc legal advice with regard to incompatibility with environmental regulation within industrial companies and at-risk entities. In addition, the department provides its clients with preventative tools, such as in-house enforcement programs and environmental management systems, aimed at mitigating the exposure of companies and office holders to environmental responsibility.

· Environmental aspects within transactions: the department handles various transactions (change of ownership, acquisitions, mergers, real estate etc.) containing environment-related risks. This includes advising on the proper allocation of environmental hazards within the transaction, as well as on environmental due diligence. Examining these aspects and integrating them into the transaction is considered a prerequisite for any entity engaged in environment-related business activity, allowing it to make well-informed decisions that integrate the effects of environmental hazards on future profitability.

· Legal and administrative proceedings: The department represents entities, companies and office holders in administrative, criminal and civil proceedings pertaining to environmental protection. These include proceedings on matters such as air, water and sea pollution, sewage treatment, hazardous materials, waste management etc. The department is vastly experienced in managing complex and high profile legal proceedings in these respects, representing its clients before different regulatory and administrative bodies.

· Renewable energy and clean tech ventures: The department advises companies on renewable energy ventures and environmental technologies. This includes representation before planning and administrative authorities in furtherance of receiving operational and environmental permits, advice on proceedings of public and stakeholders participation, handling contracts and agreements etc.

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