Lipa Meir provides legal services in a wide spectrum of matters pertaining to intellectual property, including litigation and enforcement, registration procedures and commercial transactions, as well as general legal advice. The services encompass patents, trademarks, copyrights, patent designs and neighboring rights, such as passing off, trade secrets and unjust enrichment.
We pride ourselves on providing efficacious legal services to numerous leading technology, agricultural and health organizations and companies, as well as to inventors and entrepreneurs.
Our IP team successfully represents the firm’s clients in protecting and enforcing their rights in all Israeli civil and appellate courts, as well as in other applicable tribunals, such as the Patent and Trademark Office.
Lipa Meir believes that in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven commercial arena, tailor-made intellectual property advice is of paramount importance. Guided by this belief, the IP department’s attorneys walk the extra mile in providing our clients with legal advice to match their needs, including on matters of licensing agreements, due diligence assessments and opining on complex questions that arise in this ever-evolving area of the law.

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