Tenders at their core involve the efficient selection of a winning bidder that is preferred above all other competing bidders. By its nature, tenders are therefore exposed to many litigation risks. Legal support in this area therefore requires extensive practical experience and thorough familiarity with the field and the developing law, which must be meticulously and strictly implemented as of the earliest stage of the procurement process, and drafting of the tender documents.
This field also requires in-depth knowledge of interrelating disciplines, such as game theory. The success of the tender process and the resulting financial savings, are due to preliminary study of the relevant industry and informed selection of the type of tender most suited to the particular circumstances of the case.
With our public-body clients, our firm’s tender department leads, assimilates and implements advanced and innovative methods of tenders that rely on accumulated experience and innovations in law. Later on, once the procurement process is underway, our firm provides more frequent advice to the tender committee, while offering an immediate and correct response in real-time to the various challenges that tend to arise in all tenders.
The firm has extensive experience and has been involved in numerous government, municipal and public body tenders. Every year, the firm advises on many dozens of tenders of a public nature – some of which are complex, with multiples stages and participants – in annual volumes of billions of NIS.
The firm provides ongoing legal advice in tender law to a long list of public entities, including Clalit Health Services, Mifal Hapais (the National Lottery), the Levinsky College of Education, Ashdod Municipality, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority, the Netanya Municipality, the Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson Hospital), Soroka University Medical Center, Joseftal Medical Center, S.L.H. Medical Services Ltd., Mor – the Institute for Medical Information Ltd., Tel-Bar Industries for Health Institutions Ltd., the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Ltd., and others.

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