The High-Tech & Technology Department at Lipa Meir & Co. specializes in providing legal advice, representation and guidance to private and publicly traded High-Tech companies from the various technology fields, including internet, software, hardware, bio-tech, medical devices, energy, clean-tech, communication, semi-conductors, and technology integration. The department provides a vast array of services to a wide range of High-Tech companies. Such services include advising and representing start-ups at all stages of their life cycle, from formation, through M&A and beyond. The department represents mature High-Tech companies, publicly traded companies and investors, in their ongoing commercial activities and in transactions in Israel and abroad.

The attorneys of the High-Tech & Technology Department at Lipa Meir have a technological background (such as from the IDF, work in High-Tech companies and academia), have undergone specialized training, and have extensive experience in the representation of the diverse portfolio handled by the department. Such representation includes, among others:

Formation of corporations, founders agreements, employee and labor relations agreements, executive compensation plans and employee benefit plans, consulting agreements, option plans (ESOP), lease agreements, confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, agreements with vendors and voluntary liquidation.

Financing Transactions – representing companies, venture capital funds and angels in investment rounds, private equity transactions and M&A transactions.

Securing Grants – representation in the interaction with the Israeli Chief Scientist and other grant programs, including international grant programs.

Technology & Intellectual Property Transactions – licensing agreements, R&D, teaming and JV, strategic partnerships agreements including the issues of ownership/licensing of resulting IP, databases, Big Data, Business Intelligence, privacy issues, OEM agreements, marketing, distribution, VAR, support & maintenance agreements and more.

The Health Field – the department represents suppliers and customers in the fields of medical devices, Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Such representation includes advising through clinical and other trials, R&D and IP collaborations with medical institutions, universities and research centers, manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, IP commercialization and more.

The IT Field – the department provides legal counsel to vendors and customers, including formulating unique industry oriented agreements, which reflect the added value of the department in technological aspects. The department represents and advises clients and vendors in the acquisition and integration of highly complex IT system projects, including CRM, ERP, Billing and others, from a wide range of suppliers, such as MS -AX, SAP and Oracle. The representation includes handling the proceedings for selecting a vendor, such as tender or similar processes. These may include drafting RFI, RFP or tender documents, evaluating proposals, best & final, taking an active part in negotiations until finalization of the transaction, and thereafter in its performance as necessary.

The combination of the technological know-how, business sense, legal knowledge and experience, enables the department to provide its clients with a unique, added-value service tailored to their needs while “thinking outside the box” and always in compliance with the local legal requirements.

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