Lipa Meir & Co. has a long-standing and unique specialization in all aspects of collective communities, agriculture and their associated cooperative entities.
The firm’s portfolio of services spans all fields of activity relevant to this sector:
At the local level: Advising cooperative associations, agricultural collective communities, local committees, agricultural reserve funds, business ventures and plants in agrarian communities.
At the regional level: Advising and providing ongoing support to regional organizations, such as enterprises established between collective communities and those formed between farmers or business entities.
At the countrywide level: Advising central associations, regional organizations of every type and national collective entities, and providing consultation to and representation of the different movements of the collective organizations.
At the national level: Advising and providing ongoing support to the land working sector, the agrarian system and the cooperative world through strategic processes, including frequent representation in legislative and regulatory processes.
Lipa Meir & Co. is in fact the only law firm in Israel to operate on all these levels regularly and simultaneously and, as a result, its influence on this sector’s legal agenda is significant.
Our firm’s expertise in these spheres lies in its provision of a comprehensive legal framework to our clients. We do so by placing at their service our many years of experience in this sector, across the relevant levels on the organizational, managerial, business and administrative fronts. In each of these areas, our clients enjoy close and pro-active legal guidance, whereby we effectively partner with them in leading, planning, and implementing each move they are interested in making, or with which they are forced to deal.
In each of these areas, the firm has developed considerable skill – and this skill, together with the solid presence of the firm in all these fields of activity, imbues the firm with a tremendous and influential gravitas over the broadest circles of associations, businesses and activities.
The consultation proffered to our clients is unique and extends far beyond the realm of standard legal practice. It provides a diversified service and the many years of experience of the key partners in our firm, who have been active in this field for decades, whether in legal, managerial and/or economic activity, all of which are supported by the skilled and multidisciplinary team of the collective communities department.
Lipa Meir & Co. indisputably holds the position of Israel’s leading law firm in the field of cooperative societies, rural development and agricultural communities. The variety of activities and services we provide in these areas, and the positive impact of our legal services in the world of the cooperative overall, and in the agrarian collective sector in particular, is the broadest and most comprehensive of all the law firms engaged in the field.
The undisputed dominance of the firm in these areas of the law is renowned. It has been recognized by, among others, the various ranking guides, such as BDI and DUN’S 100, which year after year crown Lipa Meir & Co. as the leading firm in Israel in the field of cooperative societies and agrarian communities.

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